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BWE Gives Back

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Bellwether Enterprise is more than Capital on a Mission.

We are People with a Purpose.


At BWE, we know that Corporate Social Responsibility is built by people who are passionate about Personal Social Responsibility. Our organization is fueled by individual employees who dedicate their time and talents outside of work to causes near to their own hearts like cancer research, housing security for Navajo children, the Special Olympics, and domestic safety.


To our esteemed employees: You champion our cause of ending housing insecurity every day in the office. We are here to champion you and the deeply personal causes you care about outside of work. Thank you for redefining the bottom line not just for our business, but for our world.

Dan Mott_edited.jpg

SVP of Loan Production

Dan Mott has discovered a passion for giving back and making a difference in people's lives through OneVillage Partners (OVP), an organization that supports community-led projects and leadership training for communities in Sierra Leone. Dan has established Rotary Club grants that have raised more than $110,000 for OVP, affecting the lives of more than 10,000 Sierra Leonians. Dan also reviews construction plans and supervises projects, and he looks forward to continuing his involvement as the organization grows.

Jim Gillespie_edited.jpg

SVP of Loan Production (Affordable)

Adopted as an infant, Jim has a passion for volunteering and raising funds for The Felix Organization, a nonprofit that provides services for children within the foster care system. One of the main efforts of the nonprofit is to run Camp Felix, an annual summer camp for children within the New York and California foster care system.

Micah Towery.jpeg


Micah began volunteering regularly at the St. Augustine soup kitchen when he and his wife Jillian moved to the city in 2013. He learned that the face of hunger isn't always who you might expect, and there are many more people across the country who rely on extra assistance from time to time than you might think. Looking for a way to get involved? Donations and volunteers are often welcome at your own local soup kitchen.

Anthea Martin_edited.jpg

SVP of Loan Production (Affordable)

In 2018, Anthea took her passion for giving to the next level when she and her husband, Jeremy, traveled to the remote village of Quixaya, Guatemala with their three children — Austin, 12, Maxwell, 9 and Alexander, 6 — to volunteer with the locals. The Martins traveled with Mothers’ Global Village, a nonprofit charitable organization whose mission is to provide food, clothing, shelter, and education to impoverished areas around the world.

Tonya Jones.jpg

VP, Southeast Director of Loan Closing

Tonya Paschal has a heart to serve on all levels, but for the last decade her main focus has been mentoring young girls who are navigating the challenges of adolescence. Through this role and the many others Tonya has held, she knows that we all have a role to play in making the world a better place and that no form of giving is too small or insignificant to make a difference.

DJ Effler_edited.jpg

SVP of Loan Production

DJ was overcome with grief and anger after losing both his mother and his grandfather to cancer in 2007 and 2008. In 2017, he came across Pelotonia, a cycling event that sends 100% of proceeds to cancer-fighting initiatives.  He was inspired to pick a new path by redirecting his emotions into giving back through the event. "That path became a journey that turned into one of the most powerful and rewarding experiences of my life,” DJ says. Pelotonia has raised over $172 million since 2008, and DJ has personally raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for cancer-fighting initiatives thus far, and has no plans of slowing down.