Christine Kim

Creative Director, Corporate Communications

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20 Pacifica | Suite 500 | Irvine, CA 92618

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As Creative Director of Marketing, Christine is responsible for the creative direction of marketing communications, as well as company branding efforts for Bellwether Enterprise.  In addition to creating emails, direct mail, brochures, newsletters and other company literature, Christine has expanded her position to include graphic design, advertising, and web-design.

After owning a retail boutique on the East Coast for several years, Christine developed a design aesthetic and marketing protocol that is based on, “never settling for the satisfactory.” She is focused on providing quality marketing support that is effective, comprehensive, and visually pleasing.

A jack of all things creative – Christine has a passion for fine arts, dabbling in oil paints and watercolors in her free time, as well as creative writing, textile arts, graphic design, and woodworking. Christine’s desire to create drives her professional work as exemplified by her attention to detail and consistency in marketing innovation.

Christine studied English Literature at Columbia University in New York City, where she focused on Creative Writing, penning original short stories, poetry, and theatrical pieces.