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Karl Edmonson

VP, FHA Deputy Chief Underwriter

Karl Edmonson

Karl  has  worked  with  HUD  and  USDA  finance  products  since  2002, becoming  a  full  MAP (Multifamily  Accelerated  Processing)  approved underwriter for FHA multifamily programs in 2007, and LEAN approved underwriter for FHA healthcare programs in 2010.Since  joining Bellwether  Enterprise  in  2009,  Karl  has  focused  on  the underwriting  of  multifamily  loans through  HUD’s  221(d)(4)  and  223(f) programs, as well as the USDA 538 program. He currently serves as chief underwriter for Bellwether’s USDA loan program, and deputy chief underwriter for FHA loan programs.

Karl holds a Bachelor of Science from Indiana University Bloomington and a Master of Business Administration, Magna Cum Laude from University of Notre Dame.


Council for Affordable Rural Housing, Member

South Bend Heritage Foundation, Board Member

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LaPorte, IN 46350

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