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Heather Fischer

Operations Associate
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Cleveland, OH


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1375 E. 9th Street

Suite 2400

Cleveland, OH 44114

Professional experience

In February 2022, Heather embarked on a transformative journey as a vital member of the BWE Insurance Solutions (BWEIS) team, based at the bustling headquarters in Cleveland, OH. With her arrival, she swiftly became an indispensable asset, contributing her expertise to various departments including sales, marketing, and finance. Heather's exceptional work ethic and unwavering dedication have made her an instrumental force in supporting all facets of the Investment Sales team, propelling the company toward new heights of success.

Before joining BWEIS, Heather's path was diverse and enriching. She started her professional journey as a teacher, dedicating herself to shaping young minds. Later, she chose to embrace the role of a stay-at-home mom, cherishing precious moments with her family. However, her passion for professional growth and her desire to contribute to the workforce led her back into the corporate arena.

Heather's academic foundation is as strong as her professional acumen. She earned her degree from Oklahoma State University, majoring in business marketing and minoring in business management. This educational background equipped her with a comprehensive understanding of the business landscape, setting the stage for her successful career in the corporate world.

Outside the realm of work, Heather finds immense joy in the company of her family and friends. Her love for travel has taken her on adventures far and wide, allowing her to explore diverse cultures and broaden her horizons. These experiences not only enrich her life but also contribute to her multifaceted perspective, enhancing her abilities to connect with people from various walks of life.

Heather Fischer

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