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Steve Pewitt

Senior Vice President
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Lexington, KY


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1031 Wellington Way

Suite 235

Lexington, KY 40513

Professional experience

Steve has more than 25 years’ experience in commercial real estate, particularly in the areas of financing, loan servicing, underwriting, and management. In 1991, Steve and a partner negotiated the acquisition of $300 million portfolio from National City Bank and began Mortgage Company of Kentucky. He served as Senior Vice President and remained a principal of Mortgage Company of Kentucky until its acquisition by Capstone Realty Advisors. Steve was employed as a member of the production team for three years each with W. Lyman Case & Company and Bright Mortgage and began his career servicing commercial mortgages with Kentucky Mortgage Company.Steve focuses on debt placement, single-tenant credit real estate and institutional investments.

Steve is a graduate of University of Kentucky and holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

Steve Pewitt

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