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BWE is a leading provider of hospitality financing. Our hospitality platform is led by professionals that have actually worked as both Lenders and Sponsors in the hospitality sector. BWE has deep industry experience and strong credibility with a multitude of capital sources. This directly benefits our clients - we open more doors.

Hospitality properties are specialized and the debt used to finance them is often specialized too. Critical factors like property improvement plans, brand conversions, and franchise agreements directly impact the debt on a hotel property. Working with a seasoned, industry professional that has the technical knowledge and direct experience in this field can ensure your property is positioned for success.

BWE has the ability to provide financing for full and limited service flagged hotels, as well as some independent boutique hospitality properties.

We can provide acquisition, long-term and bridge financing for experienced owners and franchisees that own hotels in the United States.  Through our insurance company, CMBS and alternative lending sources, we provide hospitality loans with terms from 5 to 30 years that feature flexible amortization schedules and are primarily non-recourse to the borrower.

Using a thoughtful and consultative approach, BWE will work with you to arrange a loan that meets your financing requirements.

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