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Our technological expertise improves your productivity, competitiveness and bottom line.


When you partner with BWE, you get to focus on your business, not your loan servicing. Fact is, we service most of the loans we originate, well beyond the closing of the transaction. With BWE’s integrated servicing platform, our customer service promise begins with our time and attention and ends with your complete satisfaction.

  • REALSynergy® Commercial Servicing Technology: A comprehensive servicing platform designed to cover treasury management over an entire servicing lifecycle.​​

  • Salesforce® Asset Management: Cloud-based CRM system which is customized to the needs of the Asset Management Department.​

  • SpringCM® Document Management: Integrated with Salesforce® to provide a single, secure platform for all documents associated with a loan.

  • Heightened Surveillance: Proactively identifies, monitors and resolves potential problems.

  • Special Servicing Programs: A formal system to process borrower requests or special situations that require an investor’s approval.

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Marty Clancy

National Servicing Manager

BWE Logo_Square Monogram.png
Bernie Avondet

Senior Vice President

BWE Logo_Square Monogram.png
Troy Smekens

Director of Information Systems

BWE Logo_Square Monogram.png
Nick Wymer

Senior Vice President

BWE Logo_Square Monogram.png
Sally Ingberg

Senior Vice President

Green Forest

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If your loan is currently serviced by BWE and you would like to sign up for paperless billing and WebLoan View, please click the button to get started!

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