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Kimberly Shannon

Marketing & Operations Manager
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Cleveland, OH


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1375 E. 9th Street

Suite 2300

Cleveland, OH 44114

Professional experience

In October 2023, Kimberly embarked on an exciting journey with BWE Investment Sales (BWEIS), infusing the team with her extensive marketing acumen and profound expertise in graphic design. With a decade of experience in the realm of commercial real estate, Kimberly possesses a keen understanding of clients' needs across diverse marketing avenues, spanning digital marketing, graphic design, User Interface/User Experience (UI/UX) design, and beyond.

Before her tenure at BWEIS, Kimberly honed her skills in the hospitality sector for five years with Paladar Restaurant Group. However, her roots in the commercial real estate industry equipped her with invaluable insights into the multifaceted world of Multi-Family Housing. During this time, she continually sought innovative ways to present information to clients, staying abreast of evolving marketing trends.

Kimberly's educational foundation was laid at Kent State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication Design. Subsequently, she pursued her passion for UI/UX design, earning a master’s degree in the field. This educational background not only shaped her expertise but also fueled her innovative approach to design and marketing strategies.

Outside of work, Kimberly discovers immense joy in embarking on global adventures with her family, indulging her adventurous spirit and nurturing a deep love for travel. Furthermore, she revels in the artistry of culinary creation, frequently experimenting with new recipes in the company of her family, transforming leisure time into delightful moments of togetherness and shared creativity.

Kimberly Shannon

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